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NABP Solutions offers reliable and trusted consulting services to pharmacies and the drug supply chain industry. Our experienced team of professionals provides the solutions necessary to navigate the ever-changing road of regulatory requirements.

Meet our NABP Solutions Board of Managers.

With ties to NABP and its deep roots in the industry, our qualified experts are sincere in their dedication to protecting public health and patient safety by helping our clients identify opportunities to improve the quality of their operations and achieve sustainable compliance.

Board Chair

Caroline D. Juran, RPh, DPh (Hon)

Ms Juran, executive director of the Virginia Board of Pharmacy, was elected to serve a one-year term as president-elect for NABP. Prior to the election, she served a one-year term as treasurer and a three-year member term on the Executive Committee (District 2). An active member of NABP, Ms Juran served as a member of the 2012 Task Force to Review and Recommend Revisions to the Controlled Substances Act, represented NABP on the 2012 Pharmacist Minimum Data Set Workgroup, and served as a member of the Committee on Law Enforcement/Legislation from 2012-2015, serving as chair from 2012-2013. She also participated on behalf of NABP at the 2015 Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education stakeholders conference invitational and served as Executive Committee liaison for the 2016 Task Force on the Pharmacist Integrated Communications Skills Examination. Ms Juran also served as District 2 secretary/treasurer between 2013 and 2016. Under her leadership, the Virginia Board of Pharmacy received NABP’s Fred T. Mahaffey Award for contributions to the regulation of the practice of pharmacy and its efforts to ensure that compounding is performed in a safe and compliant manner. Ms Juran directly supported Virginia’s role in the initial phase and process development of the Verified Pharmacy Program® (VPP®) in 2013 and was appointed to the 2015-2016 Task Force on the Implementation of VPP. Ms Juran assisted in the development of the Multistate Pharmacy Inspection Blueprint Program and supported Virginia’s prompt participation as a Blueprint state. Ms Juran served in 2014 as an advisory committee member on the Pew Charitable Trust Development of Best Practices for State Oversight of Drug Compounding. She served as deputy executive director of the Virginia Board from 2005-2010 and assumed the duties of executive director in 2010. Between 1995 and 2005, Ms Juran practiced as a community pharmacist and long-term care pharmacist. She held certification as a geriatric pharmacist and served as a pharmacy student preceptor. Ms Juran completed her studies at the College of William and Mary and earned her bachelor of science degree in pharmacy from Virginia Commonwealth University, Medical College of Virginia, and received an honorary doctor of pharmacy license from the Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy.

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Board Manager

Reginald B. “Reggie” Dilliard, DPh

Dr Dilliard, executive director of the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy, was elected to serve a one-year term as treasurer for NABP. Before serving as executive director, he served as a member of the Tennessee Board from 2000 to 2006. Prior to working with the Board, Dr Dilliard worked as a pharmacy manager at Walgreens for almost 30 years. Dr Dilliard was also the pharmacist and owner/manager of Super D Drugs for more than a decade. As an active member of NABP, Dr Dilliard previously served a three-year member term on the NABP Executive Committee (District 3) from 2005 to 2008 and a two-year member term from 2017 to 2019. He has served on many of the Association’s task forces and committees, including the Task Force on the Regulation of Pharmacist Care Services, the Task Force to Develop Recommendations to Best Reduce Medication Errors in Community Pharmacy Practice, the Committee on Law Enforcement/Legislation, and the Committee on Constitution and Bylaws. Dr Dilliard is an active member of several other pharmacy organizations, including the Tennessee Pharmacists Association, where he served as president and chaired several committees. Dr Dilliard earned his bachelor of science degree in pharmacy from the University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy.

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Joseph Adam Photo

Board Manager

Joseph L. Adams, RPh

Mr. Adams was sworn in as the 110th NABP president after serving one-year terms as the Association’s president-elect and treasurer. Prior to that, Mr. Adams served as a member of the NABP Executive Committee representing District 6 for three years. After his presidency concludes, he will serve a one-year term as chairperson of the Association’s Executive Committee.

Mr. Adams was a member of the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy from 2000 to 2013 and served on several Board committees including serving as chair of the Reinstatement Committee and as a member of the Violations Committee, the Regulations Revision Committee, and the Executive Committee. Additionally, Mr. Adams has been a Walgreens Company employee since 1977, when he began as a clerk. After completing an internship at a Walgreens pharmacy and receiving his pharmacy license, Mr. Adams moved up the ranks from staff pharmacist, to pharmacy manager, to district pharmacy supervisor. He has worked at the Walgreens pharmacy in Covington, LA, for over 10 years and is currently a staff pharmacist.

An active member of NABP, Mr. Adams has served as Executive Committee liaison to the Advisory Committee on Examinations, and as a member of the NABP Committee on Law Enforcement/Legislation and the NABP Task Force on Continuous Quality Improvement, Peer Review, and Inspecting for Patient Safety.

Among his other activities, Mr. Adams has served as a member of the Louisiana Medicaid Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee and the Health Care Reform Region 9 Consortia. He was also a delegate to the 2004 Louisiana Health Care Summit. He is an active member of the Louisiana Pharmacists Association, the Louisiana Pharmacy Congress, and the National Association of Chain Drug Stores. Mr. Adams was named 2004 Chain Pharmacist of the Year by the Louisiana Pharmacists Association.

Mr. Adams earned his bachelor of science degree in pharmacy from Xavier University of Louisiana College of Pharmacy.

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Board Manager

Patricia Donato, BSPharm, RPh-I, DPh (Hon)

Patricia F. Donato is a registered pharmacist and a professional pharmacy consultant with extensive experience in community pharmacy operations and pharmacy services. As the owner of Capital Pharmacy Consultants, LLC, Ms. Donato has been practicing as an industry consultant since 1995. Her current and past client roster includes a variety of pharmacy practice sites, as well as a major pharmaceutical wholesaler and its subsidiary companies, and several ambulatory surgery centers. Ms. Donato’s background includes a progression of management positions for a major pharmacy chain, resulting in direct responsibility for up to 200 community pharmacies, and over 1200 employees in New York and the Northeast.

Ms. Donato was appointed to the New York State Board of Pharmacy in 1997, and is currently an Extended Member. She has held several leadership positions on the Board, including two terms as Chairperson. She has served on numerous committees and task forces for the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP), and is a recipient of NABP’s Lester E. Hosto Distinguished Service award.

In addition to her consulting practice, Ms. Donato is a member of the Pharmacy Advisory Committee to the New York State Department of Health and is the Director of Continuing Pharmacy Education for the Pharmacists Society of the State of New York (PSSNY). She was appointed an inaugural member of the Board of Managers of NABP Solutions, and served on the Board of Directors of the Center for Pharmacy Practice Accreditation (CPPA). She is a past officer of the Chain Pharmacy Association of New York, and is a past member of the Pharmacy Advisory Committee to the Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Program (EPIC) in New York.

As an active member of NABP, Ms. Donato has made many contributions to the Association through her service on several NABP committees, task forces and focus groups including the Committee on Legislation and Law Enforcement, Focus Group: Strategic Planning of Programs and Services, Task Force on Prescription Labeling, Task Force on Standardization of Experiential Requirements, Task Force on Privacy and Confidentiality, Task Force on Centralized Prescription Filling. Ms. Donato has also served as chair of the Task Force on the Regulation of Pharmacy Benefits Managers, Task Force on Long Term Care, and Task Force on Active and Associate Membership.

Ms. Donato is a graduate of Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, and has been honored by her alma mater as a Distinguished Alumna.

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Board Manager

Michael Podgurski, RPh, DPh

Michael Podgurski is currently a consultant in the pharmacy profession focusing on regulatory compliance, pharmacy automation and pharmacy operations. His career has encompassed all aspects of pharmacy including community pharmacy operations, third party administration, business re-engineering, information technology, licensing and pharmacy services. Dr. Podgurski also has recently served as an expert witness on pharmacy operations, pharmacy automation and medication errors.

Previously, as Vice President of Pharmacy Services, he managed all state and Federal legislative initiatives, Board of Pharmacy issues and relationships, regulations and all licensing matters for all Rite Aid pharmacies in 31 states and the District of Columbia. Prior to this responsibility, he was Vice President of Pharmacy Operations where he was responsible not only for the day-to-day operations of all Rite Aid pharmacies, but also all technology initiatives which included pharmacy systems, design, workflow, automation and e-prescribing.

Dr. Podgurski was selected and has served on numerous National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) committees and task forces, American Pharmacists Association (APhA) Community Pharmacy Practice Standards Development Committee, APhA Health Care Reform Stakeholders Committee, APhA Work Group on the Future of Pharmacy and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Risk Communication Advisory Committee.

Dr. Podgurski was a member of the National Association of Chain Drug Stores’ Policy Council for 12 years, serving as Chairman in in 2013, American Society for Automation in Pharmacy (ASAP) Board of Directors for 11 years, serving as President from 2016 to 2018 and is currently the President of the American Society for Pharmacy Law (ASPL). He is a member of the University of Florida’s College of Pharmacy Dean’s National Advisory Board Legacy Society and previously served on West Virginia University’s School of Pharmacy Board of Advisors for 17 years.

Dr. Podgurski received the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) Honorary President award in 2015 and the National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS) Harold W. Pratt Award in 2018 acknowledging his contributions to the profession and the industry. Dr. Podgurski received a BS in Pharmacy from West Virginia University and is licensed in five states. He was appointed to the Pennsylvania Board of Pharmacy in 1997 and served for 15 years which included being elected Chairman of the Board for 8 of those years.

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Marty Allain

Executive Director

Marty Allain

Marty Allain is an attorney with over 20 years of helping clients and organizations navigate and succeed in complex regulatory and compliance environments.

He began his legal career by helping small and mid-size businesses navigate regulatory matters. In 2005, Marty directed the Indiana Board of Pharmacy where he helped implement one of the country’s first, state-based VAWD requirements. He also served as director of Indiana’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program and as general counsel to the state’s professional licensing agency.

Marty joined the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy in 2013 working to integrate PDMP data into healthcare EHRs and pharmacy management systems. He is a subject matter expert in digital health credentialing for online pharmacy practice and telemedicine.

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General Manager of Operations

Logan Macy

Logan Macy is the General Manager of Operations at NABP Solutions with a background in business operations and data infrastructure. She focuses on promoting innovation in our roadmap through the analysis of website traffic, business procedures, and by anticipating our clients evolving needs. Currently, she holds certifications in Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Google Search.

Logan is a graduate of the State University of New York at Oswego where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in public relations with a concentration in marketing. While in New York, she started her career in digital advertising sales and customer support for local online media. More recently, Logan managed a multi-million dollar business division within one of the nation’s largest fintech companies. During her time there, she lead her team to increase gross profits more than twofold by restructuring supply chain operations, implementing modern customer service tools, and streamlining warehouse processes.

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What’s the connection between NABP and NABP Solutions?

Established in 1904, NABP has over 115 years of experience protecting the public health and safety through its myriad programs and efforts, which include pharmacist license transfer, pharmacist competence assessment programs, and credentialing programs for pharmacies and wholesale distributors.

Founded in 2019, NABP Solutions was established to assist wholesale drug distributors and other drug supply chain organizations prepare and apply for mandatory industry accreditations, specifically the Verified-Accredited Wholesale Distributor (VAWD) accreditation. NABP Solutions also offers consulting services to pharmacies including VPP inspection preparation, pharmacy compounding consulting, and digital health compliance consulting.

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