Providing telemedicine or online pharmacy services? NABP Solutions can help you stay in compliance with the current spider web of regulations.

NABP Solutions supports novel digital health services navigating state and federal regulations. We can also help prepare you for both the NABP Digital Pharmacy Accreditation (formerly known as the Verified Internet Pharmacy program or VIPPS) and .Pharmacy Verified Website program; credentials that are required by private corporations for prescription drug advertising (Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Twitter, and Snapchat) and card-not-present transactions (Visa).

Did You Know?

Did you know that Montana, Virginia, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, North Dakota, and the District of Columbia require, in certain circumstances, a pharmacy providing services via the Internet to be accredited by NABP’s Digital Pharmacy (formerly known as VIPPS) program? Did you know that many states explicitly prohibit prescribing medications solely based on an online questionnaire? Did you know that Google, Bing, Twitter and Snapchat require NABP credentials for eligibility to advertise prescription drugs on their respective platforms?

Of course, that’s the tip of a very big and treacherous regulatory iceberg that, unlike the real thing, is showing no signs of melting away any time soon. Each new advancement in technology sees the introduction of novel health care delivery that, in many cases, was never contemplated by regulators at the time current regulations went into effect. In addition, search engines and social media are in an unprecedented struggle with regulators and the public to be more responsible with the content they foster, including health care information and services. This is leading to increased scrutiny of companies that are disrupting traditional doctor’s office visits and the trek to the local brick-and-mortar pharmacy.

Why NABP Solutions?

NABP Solutions can help your company navigate these rapidly changing public regulations and corporate policies ensuring that you are prepared to provide your telemedicine and pharmacy services throughout the country on the search, social, and card network platform of your choice.

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