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HealthRISC (Regulatory Intelligence and Simplified Compliance) is a customizable weekly reporting service engineered to meet your regulatory and policy tracking needs. Cultivated by the experts at NABP Solutions, you can be confident that you have up-to-date and easily digestible information that you can act on. Our research includes all state and federal legislative activity, administrative rule promulgation, and medical and pharmacy board activity to ensure that you don't miss a beat.

Custom Reporting. Weekly Updates.

Each HealthRISC weekly report contains up-to-date information on state and federal activities for the issues you have identified as important to you. Each customizable report may include any of the following, depending on client need:

  • Proposed legislative bills including hearings, committee action, and bill tracking;
  • Proposed administrative rules and regulations under notice of promulgation, including meeting dates, agendas, and outcomes;
  • Upcoming pharmacy or medical board meeting dates and agenda items that may directly impact policy and regulation;
  • Pharmacy or medical board meeting minutes referencing policy and regulation;
  • Pharmacy or medical board disciplinary actions related to your business model or issues you are tracking;
  • Federal agency guidance, warning letters, and rulings; and
  • State and federal court decisions.

Our team of skilled experts works hard to research the regulatory landscape so you can be prepared for what’s next. Solutions takes complex search results and distills them down into actionable insights. See here for a sample HeathRISC report which includes an explanatory content guide.


We first work with you to understand the issues that matter most. We distill down those issues into keyword sets that best represent the issue to ensure that we cast a broad net returning tailored and relevant search results utilizing a suite of research tools. For example, you may want to cast a net specific to telehealth matters and request updates on the following keywords: “synchronous video for patient and provider”, “online pharmacy” and other relevant search terms. Each set of keywords requires its own research and reporting.


Next, we engage in a comprehensive research process executed by subject matter experts with pharmacy, medicine, and drug supply chain policy and regulatory experience. Our experts determine the potential impact of the research on your issues and report on the results.


Weekly reports include a simple-to review HealthRISC summary for each relevant search result. The remainder of the reported information includes verbatim references for context, citations, and status information on what to expect next.

See here for a sample HeathRISC report which includes an explanatory content guide.

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